SSB GLOBAL has been founded in 2014, Istanbul in order to offer the best foreign trade service to its clients all over the world. Main aim of SSB GLOBAL company is to provide efficient service to all needs of its clients in terms of their import and export inquiries. Each of the world’s major trading regions has its own unique requirements. There is efficiency in working with SSB GLOBAL, a single trusted advisor, who can handle all your compliance needs in the global arena.

SSB GLOBAL have worked with more than 200 companies in over 50 countries with countless deliveries through our referenced partners. We have visited many customers and joined fairs in Germany, UAE, China, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania,Cyprus etc.We supply our service in two ways: Firstly, providing consultancy to the companies who is willing to export their products to all over the world.

We present market research and explore the target market. We assess the research and find the appropriate customers. Our main aim is to built the bridge between consulted manufacturers and target market customers. In addition to market research, to reach the exact target market, we exhibit and/or visit sectoral fairs. Following the connection of the suppliers and customers, in step of orders, SSB GLOBAL also gives all kind of support and service for dispatching the orders. All services related to documentation, organisations and transportation is under our duty. Secondly, Providing consultancy to the companies who is willing to import goods from Turkey and are in need of sourcing service for their countries. We try to find to the point manufacturers and suppliers for our clients’ needs. Regarding to this service, we organise shipment and documention of these deliveries as well.As a result, our aim is to give an A-Z service to our clients both for import/export and foreign trade issues.


SSB GLOBAL’s mission is to increase customer satisfaction by optimizing international trade, minimizing risks and providing the best service at all.


SSB GLOBAL’s vision is to be one of the best foreign trade service companies in order to add a significant value to Turkey’s position over the world.


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